• v1.0.10

    Minor, minor tweaks

    a year ago

    Been a while! Few things to update. After some time, the container widths started bothering me, so they've been updated for case study views. So, a few minor tweaks in this iteration, which are as follows...

    • Width has gone from 75% to 100% on Case Study views.
    • Updated About section with my current role.

    That's all for this one, more case studies to follow in the next build. ✌️

  • v1.0.9

    Removing Cloudinary as CDN provider

    2 years ago

    Due to some odd and unexplainable bandwidth usage on Cloudinary, I've decided to revert back to Vercel's Edge Network. In essence this means I now host the images in my build and they are cached for 30 days or until there's a new deployment.

    What's changed?

    • Any Cloudinary image path across the site removed.
    • Creation of images as static assets in the app build. YOLO.
    • Also, reflow of pages with images is no longer a thing. Using a nifty CSS variable trick by definingvar(--aspect-ratio) per image.
  • v1.0.8

    Some accessibility improvements

    2 years ago

    I've been trying to tidy up some loose ends with accessibility across the site. For example, the purely decorative keycaps are currently read out loud by screen readers. A few other missing attributes on the <video> element for example, have been missing.

    What's changed?

    • Added a title attribute to <video> tags.
    • Keycaps now have aria-hidden="true" attached to them, as they should not be read out loud.
    • Case study covers are now described as presentational with role="presentation".
  • v1.0.7

    Fixing SEO and meta tags

    2 years ago

    Something that I overlooked in the past build was the correct SEO tagging for pages. As Nuxt allows a fairly easy overwrite, why not update it? I have also improved the title tooltips behind the keycap suggestions. As you hover over them now, they read as a screen reader should read them.

    Just a small update. :)

  • v1.0.6

    A case for case studies...

    2 years ago

    It's been a while since my personal website has contained case studies of work, but thought it useful to bring back and updated with some new work. Thought I've always wanted this to be more of a personal OS (for when Twitter dies... jk).

    (Brace yourself, this is a big one).

    What's changed in this build?

    • Toggling of homepage description using Ctrl+T is no longer a thing.
    • Content now has a max-width of 980px.
    • Speaking of which, <code> blocks are now styled with two new colours that can be found in the Colophon.
    • For now, the Thoughts section of the website is gone - mainly due to not really blogging enough. It may return some day.
    • Site wide search has also been removed. Again, it may return someday.
    • Some site wide copy changes, including to Homepage, Archive & Colophon.
    • Added lazy loading for images across the site.
    • DNF Studio also added to list of sites in Archive section.
    • A new dedicated About page has also been added.
    • The big one! A grid of case studies is now available on the homepage.
    • New case studies include - Pitch, Aula Education & Side Projects.
    • Returning case studies include - OneFootball & Marley Spoon.
  • v1.0.5

    Flip reverse it.

    2 years ago

    Previously, the longer career description was what an initial browser of this site was met with. I've decided to flip this round. You can still toggle between a shorter and longer description using Ctrl+T.

    That's it! 👌

  • v1.0.4

    Some small updates

    2 years ago

    This build is very small, but updates involve...

    • Fixing the tabindex of the footer. Search is now tabbable.
    • Selection spacing for the Dark Mode tab is also fixed.
    • Links within body copy now have an underline.
    • Livery Archive favicon and link updated.
    • Added back links to old companies I've worked for.
  • v1.0.3

    Update to availability status

    2 years ago

    As I'm slowly coming back to the ability to take new projects on, I've updated my availability from "Taking a break" to "Open to talk", so please do get in touch if you're interested in working together.

    Alongside this, I've also added a new project to the archive that's funnily enough, a work in progress.

  • v1.0.2

    Basic search added to site

    2 years ago

    From this day forward you can search for anything on the site that is indeed, searchable. You can also trigger actions via the search. Simply toggle by using the backslash. /

    In future editions, will work on triggering the actions using keys there too. There are some things still missing such as Changelog, but didn't see the use of adding it here.

    Will improve this feature over time!

  • v1.0.1

    New blog post & small tweaks

    2 years ago

    Today I've added a new blog post and some more content to the archive. I've also fixed some styling here or there.

    What's changed with this build?

    • New blog post.
    • New archive content.
    • Styling updated.
  • v1.0.0

    Initial build & deployment

    2 years ago

    Initial site setup from conception. On Friday I began by setting up Nuxt with it's Content module and of course everything else. The goal is to keep this minimal and easy to use.

    What's changed with this build?

    • Setting up Nuxt.js + all modules.
    • Building in shortcuts using vue-shortkey.
    • A simple darkmode toggle, working computed state.
    • Some initial content, including my journey into building a mini-ITX PC.
    • A "Too Long; Didn't Read" feature for the homepage.