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In late 2020, Pitch decided to finally open up their product to the general public. That, then required an adjustment to an already delightful website, as well as a few new pieces to convey the message of the tool.

I should mention that I joined the team as a contractor. The design and groundwork of the front end app are produced by their excellent team of people!

Version of the site we released in late 2020.

At the time of joining, Pitch were gearing up to perform a small revamp to their already fantastic website. They had decided it was time to move into offering the product out to the general public. Up until this point, it had been invite only.

Being drafted in as a front end developer to assist the Marketing Tech team on building new pieces and features for the site, was fair to say I was pretty excited!

Whilst working with the excellent Nathan de Vries & Vincent De Feo, I must say, I learnt a lot. One of the unique features of the Pitch ecosystem is that it's all coded in Clojure and Clojurescript. Everything from the marketing landing page to the core product.

This for me was a huge learning curve, but one I relished.

Overall summary

Whilst an eye opening experience, perhaps some of the challenges we faced was primarily with getting the codebase streamlined. Making use of a Clojurescript static site generator and Netlify CMS, we would every now and again run into problems that would require a little more thinking.

One such example was our need to modulise and re-use parts of the Javascript infrastructure. On a site that relies heavily on animation and a little bit of scroll manipulation, it's important to have your house "in order" so to speak.

Other times we'd find the limitations of a front end website being written in Clojurescript, but largely, Clojurescript also made it super quick to throw custom pages up.

My time with the team also included working on their newsletter campaigns, Constant Change.

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    Front End Developer (Freelance)
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    All work belongs to Pitch GmbH
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