Hello, my name is Erd. ✌️

I am a Product Designer & Front End Engineer focused on UI, accessibility and the overlap between design and code.

If you've found yourself stumbling across this website, first of all, welcome! Nice to have you here. I guess you're here to read a little more about what it is exactly that I "do".

Quite some time ago, my journey into becoming a multi-disciplinary designer and developer began. In the early days, my skills spread themselves across multiple areas in agencies, from learning the bare necessities of becoming a team player to solving problems on the spot.

Post-agency days, I found myself working in fields such as food tech, consumer apps and sports. Throughout that time I've worked for companies such as Marley Spoon, OneFootball, Aula Education & freelanced with the likes of Pitch.

More recently, my journey has seen me go into the field of freelance with my own offering. Given the decision to do this was during a pandemic, this perhaps then has taught me a little more patience and to be humble for the job I am able to do.

Currently, you will find me helping build the future of SRE tooling at Artillery. Most likely knee deep in TypeScript.

In my spare time, I enjoy keeping my skills sharp by building side projects such as keepthat.link and The Livery Archive Project.

With all that said, I'd like to thank you for stopping by & reading!

Get in touch? Email me via here.